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The so many “UMs” Pocast, talking geek while on meds from outpatient surgery.

May 2nd, 2017

May 1, 2017 - Intro Music by Shellshock Lullaby - Title Track "Crimson Sky"

Yes, you read that right.  You haven't heard from us in awhile and I couldn't sleep due to pain and meds from today's outpatient procedure, I think I'm running a fever.  So why not lay down a podcast track?  I have no idea other than I did.  So today's show brought to your by feverish medication thoughts and random ramblings!  Today I talk about the new release of Dawn of War III, the movie Logan, the new Miss Marvel writer G. Willow Wilson, Plus-Size Women not being considered sexy (and men), The Bob's Burger Book, The Best Sounds for Getting Work Done, The Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous, and Valor Infinity Studios projects.  Good luck, this one has more "Ums" and random sidetracks than a five year old explaining where the cookies went.  I would say turn it into a drinking game, but I don't want anyone dying of alcohol poisoning, so don't, really don't.  New and improved content coming soon with guests, a team of hosts, and so much content!  Also a drastic improvement of a lack of "Ums", Uhs", and "Ughs".  I swear.